“Atmosfäär” in translation from Estonian means “atmosphere”. We chose this name for our enterprise because it has a link to the environment and at the same time it represents the good feeling we would like to create with our products. We renovate and restore all kind of furniture and home decoration elements form all different eras.

We believe, that things have their own story, and because of that we try to approach to each piece according to its past and origin. The old and dignified pieces we restore, while with pieces form close past we like to experiment and use new interesting techniques. Thus, our goal is not always to restore everything as they were, but to give to an old useless thing a new output by new appearance and function.

By combining history of a piece with nowadays techniques we create an interesting symbiosis of old and new, which we believe, gives new value to these pieces that otherwise would have been thrown away. We always prepare our products with love and care – just like we would make them for ourselves. Our products have stories and they are one of a kind. They are meant for people, who appreciate recycling and handicraft and are bored of the mass production.

Kalle Roos

Kalle Roos

Cotact: kalle(ät)

Kalle has great talent to beautifully restore furniture. He is patient and precise, rather likes more classical style and values everything old and traditional. He feels at home dealing with numbers and knows how to handle the carpenter tools. Next to furniture restoration he likes sports and especially football. For years he has played in his football team FC Reaal.

Ele Luiga

Ele Roos

Contact: ele(ät)

Ele has been all her life an art-lover, who has polished her skills in various arts and crafts schools. She has plenty of fanciful ideas and she really likes to make something with her own hands. Loves to create unconventional and a bit crazy things.