Furniture already at new home

Have a look at our designed and renovated furniture that has already found a new home. Some products have been done an order, some we just recycled and gave new look by taking account the history of each piece. All the work is done by hands and smaller hand-tools in Estonia, with lots of dedication and care. We love old things with their stories and unique characters therefore we like to share them with you! In case you like something we have made, contact us and we will try to make something similar for you.

Table found a new home in Tallinn Old-Town and is no longer available! Table with a coral texture gives excitement in every house and it won't stay unnoticed by any quest! Renovating this table, we used time-consuming 3D technique, which gives the furniture ageing look. Popular Aniie Sloan chalk paints were used and the table top has been refinished by 4 layers of lacquer. That gives the table long-lasting beautiful look and the paint doesn't wear off. Round shape is really practical cause it fits more people to sit around the table than it would with angular table. You can also extend the table by using additional plate. Originally the table is from Sweden (there is a stamp under the table).
Measurements: while open, the table top measures are 166 cm x 110 cm; closed 110 cm x 110 cm; height 71,5 cm. [hr]   Thank you for choosing Estonian handicraft over mass-products!  
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Hallid öökapid - Atmosfäär mööbel
Nightstand ‘PIMEDAD ÖÖD’
The nightstands have found a beautiful new home! Old nightstands got total makeover - the dark brown color has gone, snappy stripes and rectangular knobs are here! Back in times they were produced by Tallinna Vineeri- ja Mööblikombinaat, but the redesign was handmade by Atmosfäär. You won't be able to find those kind of nightstands anywhere else! They are catchy pieces of furniture, which make one boring bedroom live! Two big drawers are from strong veneer, hold on to heavy weight and fit many books, that are great to read on a cold winter nights. Also the insides of the drawers are decorated and this adds a nice surprise when you open them first time. The nightstands are refinished with Autentico Versante chalk paints, the main color tone is Graphite.   [hr] Measurements: height 45,5 cm; depth 35 cm; width 45 cm. [hr] Thank you for choosing Estonian handicraft over mass-products!    
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Retro kummut-kapp - Atmosfäär mööbel
Sideboard ‘Mägede hääl’
This old sideboard with drawers is probably from 70s. After renovating, we gave it a new playful look. The drawers are from strong veneer and they hold strong things well. We have decorated the insides of the drawers with a geometric patterned wallpaper and covered it with a lacquer, which makes it easily cleanable. It is fun to open the drawers and discover the pattern! The whole sideboard is renovated with Schjerning Vintage Outdoor chalk paints, which gave it a strong finish and are made of natural compounds. Color tones fit well with Nordic interior while leaving a refined impression. It is a practical piece of furniture - you can use it as TV cupboard, cupboard for clothes or just as a sideboard in your living-room or hall. We got it from Kalamaja, the same district our work studio is located. It wasn't needed anymore, so someone just wanted to get rid of it. It was in a very bad state, but in good hands, it was possible to give it a new life. You can check out more pictures about how the sideboard got its renovation from our blog post ‘Kriidivärvid, osa 5. Kapi uuendus nuppudest kuni sahtliteni.’ [hr] Measurements: Width 126,5 cm height 73,5 cm depth 40 cm.  
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Puidust abilaud - Atmosfäär mööbel
Table is already sold! Coffe/tea table with fresh Nordic colours. The tabletop is made of beautiful birch tree, so by removing the old white paint layers the natural pattern became visible. We painted the table leg with Vintro chalk paints in a ombre style and gave it a nice texture. Both the tabletop and the leg are covered with laquer, which makes the maintenance easy. When we were looking for the story of the table, we found the table to be very similar to ETKVL TK Kooperaator product, table AE=33, but there is no proof it really is their product. The table is perfect for having a cup of tea or coffee on it in the mornings.It looks like a beautiful pearl, that brings the summer memories in mind. [hr] Measurements: tabletop diameter 77 cm; height 72 cm. [hr] Thank you for choosing Estonian handicraft over mass-products!  
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laelamp 'Tuli ja jää' - Atmosfäär - renoveeritud mööbel
Lamp unites coldness and warmth - lamp bell is covered with glass pieces that remind ice-cubes; the hot bulb and light inside the lamp bell gives the warm feeling. Combination of warm and cold looks amazing on this lamp, cause the light bounces off the glass pieces. All the glass pieces are placed and glued one by one, which took quite a lot of time to make. Luckily, the outlook is worth all the time! One of a kind. Lamp has found a new home! [hr] Measurements: lamp bell diameter 32 cm; lamp bell height u 16 cm; length of a fabric wire 85 cm; diameter of a ceiling cover 8 cm; ceiling cover is attached to the ceiling with screws; socket E27, max 60W [hr]   Thank you for choosing Estonian handicraft over mass-products!    
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Laelamp Saturn - Atmosfäär mööbel
Retro ceiling lamp from white glass gives soft and cozy light to your room. Suits well above the table. The classical Estoplast lamp globe matches nicely with the new socket and fabric covered wire. Both, the socket and the ceiling cover are made of metal. The globe originates from 70s. The lamp has already found a new home! [hr] Measurements: globe diameter from widest sides 30 cm ; globe height 15 cm; ceiling cover diameter 8 cm, attach with screws; wire length 107 cm; lamp has earthing. socket E27, max 60W.  
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lastelaud Nuti - renoveeritud mööbel
Kids’ table ‘NUTI’
Two funny creatures on the table have also practical value, it's possible to use them as a blackboard. Crab a chalk and draw some faces and clothes on them! The particular shape gives plenty of inspiration to the kids. The legs made of plywood are decorated with the white sock-stripes to balance the white table-top. Hand made refinement, as all of the Atmosfäär's products! This wonderful table has already found a new home near Tallinn! [hr] Measurements: length 60 cm; width 45 cm; height 43 cm. [hr] Thank you for choosing Estonian handicraft over mass-products!
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Klaasist kupliga laelambid 'Kristi ja Krista'
The heavy lamp globes from proper thick glass remind of crystal. With a touch of sunbeams the lamps will throw the glittering all around the room. [hr] Length of the black fabric wire is 145 cm. The height of the globe is 11 cm and diameter 20 cm. Socket E27, equipped with earthing, max bulb 60W. Thank you for choosing Estonian handicraft over mass-products!
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Öökapp Atmosfäär mööbel
Night stands ‘VALGED UNENÄOD’
Took some time before we got to know the origin of these night stands. Finally, we discovered, that they are boudoir cupboards from Norway. Atmosfäär added new legs and renovated them completely. Brown color was covered with pure white, golden handles got black look and the drawers were decoupaged with wallpaper. Night stands were sold during event Kalamaja open yards and now they are decorating somebody's summer cottage.  
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Võtmenagi Võpsik 2
Key rack ‘VÕPSIK’
Making this key rack, old and new wood was used. The frame is from old wood while the birch three branches are new. These new birch tree branches were cut during copse cleaning process in South-Estonia. Beautiful birch three with it's white bark and black branches makes ideal hooks for keys and looks very nifty. Concrete frame gives more space to use it as a shelf as well. It was made by order and if you like something similar, contact us. We can make something similar to you according to your wishes and needs!  
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laud Koola 8
Coffee table ‘KOOLA’
The table with the industrial design is a great find for the rooms with white or grey tones, bringing out the sparks and life with its contrasts and the geometrical pattern. Works perfect as a coffee table, but it could be used under the TV. [hr] Measurements: length 80 cm; width 60cm; height 41 cm. [hr]    
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pildiraam Atmosfäär mööbel
Picture frame ‘OLD AND GRAY’
This old wooden window frame charmed us enough to keep it as a picture frame. The many layers of paint, it's character and uniqueness gave us inspiration to restore it and hung it on the wall. Old and dignified it looks better than most nowadays plastic frames. Originates form Kalamaja neighborhood, Tallinn. Piece of history saved from throwing away.
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This chair was found from the attic, where it was left for a long time ago. It was covered with a thick layer of paint so, that even the screw and blot holes were full of paint. Many hours of work was spent to renovate it. The metallic parts were covered with new rust-proof paint and all the screws-bolts got changed. The pattern on the wooden parts of the chair has been painted by hand, inspired by the artist Mondrian. Therefore the name as well. The chair was bought during event Kalamaja open yards and it got a new home in Kalamaja where it was found.
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Cupboard ‘SIGGI’
Cupboard 'Siggi' once belonged to a gigolo in his nineties, who at one point decided to paint it black. At the moment the cupboard has brighter colors and a new painting technique makes it like a impressionist painting.The depth of the shelves is good for books and magazines. You can also lock the door. The cupboard has found a new home in Tallinn! [hr] Measurements: length 140 cm; depth 24 cm; height 89,5 cm. [hr]   Thank you for choosing Estonian handicraft over mass-products!
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lastelaud Atmosfäär mööbel
Kids table ‘DŽUNGEL’
Two recently renovated kids chairs were waiting long time for a matching table. Finally Atmosfäär found this kids table from the same era as the chairs. The table top was renovated in a practical way - half of it got a chalkboard cover. Now the little ones can draw directly on the table without getting admonished by parents. The table is now in a new home in South-Estonia!
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tool Atmosfäär mööbel
Chairs ’30 and JUNE’
These chairs were the favorites of a cat, cause she loved to sharpen her nails on them. Because of that, the chairs needed upholstering and renovating. New design had to be cat-proof, that is why Atmosfäär came up with the rope decoration. It is easy to change it after the cat has done lots of damage and at the same time, it looks nice and neat. Cat is happy as well as the owners of the chairs!
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Lamp ‘UFO’
Lamp has found a new home in Finland! The interesting shape of the lamp globe is made from the white glass, which is combined with the red details and fabric wire. The lamp fits well to hang above the table. The glass dims the light, so the light wouldn't dazzle you.  
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toolid Atmosfäär mööbel
Chairs ‘TEMBU ja VEMBU’
Chairs, that revoke childhood memories in every Estonian who lived during soviet times. The older generation remember them as most common kids furniture available. What a nice present it could be for new generation! The drawings on the chairs are made by hand, inspired by the paint strips left untouched. These beautiful natural looking chairs found new home in South-Estonia, in a family with two lovely girls.
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nagi Atmosfäär mööbel
Coat rack ‘TALV’
Stamp at the back of the coat rack reveals that the rack is made in former ETKVL factory in Estonia. Atmosfäär found it from a basement in a wood-pile in Kalamaja. The metallic parts got new look after removing the rust and changing the screws. The rack was covered with paint-spots before it got covered with calming gray color. Small, neutral and practical small coat rack! New home for the coat rack was found in Tallinn city center.  
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Restaureeritud tigudiivan - Atmosfäär mööbel
Originally, this sofa was made in former factory 'Rahvamööbel' in 1958. It was located in Tartu and many workers were handicap. The sofa belonged to Atmosfäär master's grand-grand-mother and after long use, it was left in summer cottage to wait for better times. Better times arrived in 2015, when Atmosfäär upholsterer started restoring this beautiful piece of furniture as a school graduation project (tutor Eha Vacht). It is a good example, how choosing the right fabric and great handicraft can make an old furniture to fit perfectly in nowadays homes. Sofa got it's name after the grand-grand-mother, who was called Tibuvana. After restoring, one could be sure that it will sure last for next generations. To see how the sofa looked before restoring, have a look at our post here. Sorry, that it is in Estonian, but the pictures still tell their stories.  
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