Table is already sold!

Coffe/tea table with fresh Nordic colours. The tabletop is made of beautiful birch tree, so by removing the old white paint layers the natural pattern became visible. We painted the table leg with Vintro chalk paints in a ombre style and gave it a nice texture. Both the tabletop and the leg are covered with laquer, which makes the maintenance easy. When we were looking for the story of the table, we found the table to be very similar to ETKVL TK Kooperaator product, table AE=33, but there is no proof it really is their product. The table is perfect for having a cup of tea or coffee on it in the mornings.It looks like a beautiful pearl, that brings the summer memories in mind.

tabletop diameter 77 cm;
height 72 cm.

Thank you for choosing Estonian handicraft over mass-products!