Sideboard ‘Mägede hääl’

This old sideboard with drawers is probably from 70s. After renovating, we gave it a new playful look. The drawers are from strong veneer and they hold strong things well. We have decorated the insides of the drawers with a geometric patterned wallpaper and covered it with a lacquer, which makes it easily cleanable. It is fun to open the drawers and discover the pattern! The whole sideboard is renovated with Schjerning Vintage Outdoor chalk paints, which gave it a strong finish and are made of natural compounds. Color tones fit well with Nordic interior while leaving a refined impression. It is a practical piece of furniture – you can use it as TV cupboard, cupboard for clothes or just as a sideboard in your living-room or hall. We got it from Kalamaja, the same district our work studio is located. It wasn’t needed anymore, so someone just wanted to get rid of it. It was in a very bad state, but in good hands, it was possible to give it a new life.

You can check out more pictures about how the sideboard got its renovation from our blog post ‘Kriidivärvid, osa 5. Kapi uuendus nuppudest kuni sahtliteni.’

Width 126,5 cm
height 73,5 cm
depth 40 cm.